GMC Chairman's Notes

 GMC Your Trustworthy Partner. GMC Your Trustworthy Partner.

Through out 38 years by our competitive drayage, service, efficiency, and expertise. GMC has earned a reputation in this industry

Nowadays, top-notch talents are engaged in high-tech, financial, legal, political, medical, and other industries. In contrast, it seems that the rest of them have no choice but to only engage in the logistics industry.

GMC is an internationally recognized legitimate NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) cargo carrier founded in Taiwan (R.O.C.). We engage in international shipping but not in the domestic region.

In fact, unless there is no international trade happening in the world, logistics industry will keep existing, otherwise there will be a lot of transport cannot complete. Taiwan is an island country; international business is our main income sources, and the trade must be done with ocean or air freight transportation. The point is : Why is GMC?  What customers in this industry focus on are the price, service, efficiency, professional ability and reliability. We possesses strong competitive advantage that could thrive our customers’ business. These are the keys why people choose GMC and that’s how GMC works.

GMC was founded in 1986. We bring these keys with us all the time and earn the trust in various enterprise. Not only for our customers, but also the shipping companies, airlines corporation, foreign agents from worldwide, same industry, customs brokers, container terminals, air cargo terminals… And the most significant: the trust of “GMC employees,” the “Your Trustworthy Partner” as our company logo.


The concept that GMC president initiate and run the business:Provide employees a "progress and growth" working environment in a civilized way. We work together to create the support and trust of our clients, which benefits both sides of us and build a stable relationship.

In addition to the point mentioned above, I founded and manage GMC through more civilized than the top-class talent industry in ways of thinking, action, business style, and the mode of the operation. Surviving in a traditional logistics industry, GMC guarantees to lead employees to focus on the point, strengthen, and open minded. Thrive and grow together and achieved together.

We operate in a ” civilized way” as an international logistics company in the traditional industry. Always provide employees with absolute salary security and a “progressive and growable” working environment that customers willing to believe in us. Win-win and trust are the core values of our leader and all of the team members.

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