GMC Logistics Group
Established in 1986, with over decades experience in Air/Ocean Freight industry

The Director of GMC Logistics, Mr. Jimmy Chen established the corporation included General Merchandise Consolidators, Inc., GMC Ocean Services, Ltd, and GMC Air Express, Inc.

We are specialized in the International forwarder of air/ocean freight, Trans-Pacific market. Especially on Taiwan’s export cargoes to the U.S. market via both ocean and air freight, GMC has been well-known with qualified staff and honesty in the market for 38 years, we will bring you the most professional and dedicated service.

Core Value of GMC“ Rate, Profession, Service, Trustworthy”

In GMC, we replace rebuke by responsibility, we put emphasis on how well the value brings to the company but not the judgment of right or wrong. The shareholder of the company are all the personnel of the company, and the system is all we work for.

All of the management projects and operating systems are set up by the “GMC management team”, which include the head of each department and the extraordinary members.

GMC aims to create a trustworthy place for not only the staff but also for all of our customers.

CONTINUOUS PROGRESSGMC is your most professional and reliable partner

Striving to improve the professional ability and service quality of employees, GMC always introduces the latest logistics-related technology and information, actively observes and listens to your needs, and customizes the most economic benefits, fast and diversified delivery services for your business. Effectively assist you in reducing the operating costs of your business and enhancing the competitiveness. We holding the customer-oriented spirit, always stay honest and passion; in this ever-changing global economy and increasingly competitive industry, GMC is definitely your most professional and trustworthy partner.

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